8 Timeless Travel Tips

When travelling, everything doesn’t always go as expected. Mishaps such as flat tyres, lost luggage, food poisoning and all kind of people who may want to rob you might be the scenario at hand. But you don’t have to go through that. Below is a list of priceless travel tips that can save you a lot of headache during the next trip to your preferred tour hotspot.

1.      Health First

If you have allergic infections make sure that with you have antihistamines well in advance. A medical kit with blister pads, aspirin, sunscreen, plasters and antibacterial ointment is also important. If you’re going to enjoy the trip, you need 100% of your health.

2.      Patience Pays

Patience pays’ is an important travel tip. Don’t feel compelled to sweat the stuff you can’t control, and don’t get angry all the time. So if you missed your bus, no worries. It might just be the perfect opportunity to get that unplanned road trip rolling. Sometimes when you’re traveling, freak-outs happen, and you can certainly capture the moment to try something new (exploratory) instead.

3.      Have Extra Cash

No matter where you go – cash is king. To make sure that you’ve got your ass covered in the case of an emergency, you want to stash extra cash in different places. Have it in mind that the ATM might run out of money, your wallet may get stolen, or you could just run out of cash in hand. Your socks, a toiletry bag and around the frame of your backpack are just a few of the many places where you could just stash away some of your cash.

4.      Insure Stuff

You laptop computer, or your smartphone fort that matter, could be stolen amidst the hustle bustle of travel. It’s important that you back up any important documents (e.g. identification documents) such as your passport, driver’s license, visas, birth certificate and health insurance card in both hard copy and digital format. Insure essential personal belongings, or at least back up all those important documents you have in there in an external hard drive.

5.      Take Photos

What is travel without photos? Photos are indeed a great way to document all the awesome memories associated with the trip. You’ll probably meet new people and see a lot of exciting places. Take excellent photos. Don’t worry about looking so much like a ‘tourist’. Nobody cares, and you probably aren’t traveling to look cool. Just your smartphone or some good travel camera are all you need to capture great snaps.

6.      Have an Open Mind

You’re not traveling so that you can judge other people’s lifestyles and cultures. We are all from different towns. There’s no problem listening to opinions you don’t particularly agree with. Practice empathy and try to put yourself in others’ shoes. Embrace different interests, suggestions, possibilities, and opportunities.

7.      Don’t Forget your Ear Plugs

You’re probably going to encounter a lot of barking dogs, drunk people, crying babies, honking horns, street salespeople, and perhaps dormitory sex. You want to muffle all these sounds, and ear plugs are a great way to keep the fun to yourself.

8.      Don’t Be Afraid

The world’s a dangerous place – yes according to the media. But not being afraid is a critical part of having a good trip. Of course, you want to keep an open eye for any sketchy situation, but you don’t want to let that be a focus of your trip. Most people you encounter will be generous and friendly, willing to help out if need be.

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