Maria Del Mar Sacasa


“I choose to have María del Mar on my food shoots because she has true grace, style, passion, love of food, and complete understanding of how to present and style food. She has a great attitude and sense of humor that makes everyone on the crew feel comfortable. Maria is the key part of my team to produce beautiful images. Without her I could not have shot such iconic images.”
Viktor Budnik, Photographer

"María del Mar brings it all to every shoot: a passion for food, a meticulous eye for detail and a great work ethic. Several of the jobs we've worked on together involved having to cook a full menu and provide all the props for large dining stories. María del Mar pulled it off with professionalism. The food looked great, the props looked great and most importantly the AD was happy."
Joe Keller, Keller + Keller Photography

"Not only an expert in food, María del Mar understands composition and photography itself, making her a wonderful ally in creating beautiful food photography. Prepared and patient, María del Mar is a joy to work with."
Glenn Scott, Photographer

"Maria is an excellent food stylist. She understands how food looks to the camera and she knows how to expertly prepare, slice and dice from her background at the French Culinary Institute. She is a wizard at coming up with bizarre food items when needed. She has found for me octopus, live fish, and whole shrimp on one project. As a added bonus she is a great joy to work with; fun, smart and lively. I would most highly recommend María del Mar. You will not be disappointed!"
Sharon White, Photographer