Maria Del Mar Sacasa



María del Mar Sacasa is professional food stylist, editor, and recipe developer.

She came to food via film and photography studies and several years in fashion publishing. These diverse visual influences, as well as a keen interest in literature, drive her styling aesthetic to be simple, elegant, organic, and at times raw, but always with a notion of storytelling via imagery.

María del Mar holds a B.S. in film production from Northwestern University, and graduated top of her class at the French Culinary Institute. She has worked at Lucky, Vogue, and America’s Test Kitchen where she learned to understand and manipulate image composition and of course, food. Her knowledge of food is paired with a voracious appetite and overall lust for color, texture, sound, and flavor. This attitude drives her to conceptualize work, compose lifestyle shots, and be as comfortable in front of the camera as behind.

She develops and edits recipes for books and magazines, authors the blogs Cookin' and Shootin' and High Heels & Frijoles, and writes the “Sandwiched” and "Let Them Eat Cake" columns for Serious Eats.

Based in New York City and Los Angeles, María del Mar was raised in Nicaragua, México, and Italy. She speaks Spanish, Italian, and French.