Top Websites for Travel Deals

Travel can be an expensive affair. The good news though is that you can almost always find economy deals through a simple online search. Currently, there are thousands of websites that feature travel deals related to air transportation, airport transfers, and related travel services. It can be hectic trying to sieve through all these websites so that you find that incredible deal that you’re looking for. This article highlights a series of the best websites, which are all free to use.

  1. – this is a top travel deals site that harbors hundreds of online sources for cheap fare. is especially great if you’re flexible on time and destination. Try to search for dates that are up to 3 days before and after your ideal travel dates, or on any weekends in the next year. The site’s Explore tool makes it easy for you to scan a world map for all destinations you can reach within a specific price range. You’re also able to enter your preferred vacation activities, flight time, and weather.
  2. AirfareWatchdog – if you’re ready to take off the minute a deal is available, this is a great website resource. This site operates in that actual people are lurking major airline websites to scout for deals. They also sign up for rewards programs and hunt for discounted offers and promotional codes. The advantage with this site is that it includes smaller airlines such as Southwest and Allegiant that might otherwise not feature on larger travel deals websites. As of 2014, AirfareWatchdog also introduced a new tool known as Hotelwatchdog, which brings you listings that provide great value.
  3. – looking for an affordable, overseas flight using local budget airlines. This can prove to be an excellent way to save money on international travel. All you have to do is choose your starting point, where you want to go, and the site will list all airlines that have a service on that route.
  4. – the three sites above will help you get a deal on airfare, but brings the real deal power when it comes to accommodation. Deals this site are updated on a daily basis. There are also ample specific offers, seasonal sales, and destination-based deals. The simplicity of the site’s Welcome Rewards Program is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers.
  5. – this is another important site where you get the standard online travel agent services. The site also helps travelers haggle for the best bargains on hotels. To get started, choose a minimum star class, your preferred neighborhood, and dates of stay. This done, you can name your price. The good thing here is that you get to save up to 60% off published rates. For last minute bookings, bids less than $100 per night often win on luxury lodgings. But there’s something more – Priceline won’t tell you which hotel you are booking till after you pay. So you don’t get to know where you end up. The problem is that blind booking as in this case can be particularly risky especially for unfamiliar areas. Priceline also allows you to name your price on flights and car rentals.
  6. TripAdvisor – this is the most popular review site for hotels for hotels across the globe, featuring millions of amateur and professional reviews. You can easily search for your destination and the site outputs multiple listings for hotels, vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, as well as lodging options. There are ample filtering options that will help you specify requirements such as luxury, family accommodation, romance, business, etc. However, it’s important that you watch out for fake reviews from cronies who’re pretending to be genuine travelers but are people actually looking to promote their own hotels, or discredit competitors.
  7. – this is a vacation deals website that encompasses over 300 travel agencies who compete to give you the best deals based on the date, port, and ship that you specify. It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking early in advance, or at the last minute. All you need to do is set up a CruiseComplete account, and they’ll keep on sending you the best vacation deals without even looking at your personal information. The site also has lie agents available who guide you through the process via live chat.
  8. – looking for a rental car? This is where you need to be! Hotwire collects rates from its rental car company partners (including Enterprise, Alamo, and Hertz) and presents value-based deals to you. The site also features ‘hot rates’ from rental car firms that won’t even be identifiable till after you’ve paid. As opposed to accommodation, the risk with blind-booking cars is minimal. For instance, a Toyota Prado is a Toyota Prado, regardless which rental firm provides it.
  9. – just in case there’s an emergency situation during your trip, makes sure that you’re taken care of. When it comes to buying travel insurance, agencies, and travel providers aren’t always the right option, especially due to restrictions on filing claims, and price markups. allows you to compare plans and charges from multiple providers with just a single search. You can then narrow down to the specifics of the kind of coverage you’re looking for!

These websites will definitely get you saving money during your next travel trip. As a rule of the thumb, do your homework well in advance. Open up these websites and see what travel deals they’ve got going on. You might be surprised just how much cash you manage to keep in your credit card account!

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Best Tourist Attractions in the USA

If you’re bored, the USA is the best place you should be. In addition to having many diverse cities, it also boasts multiple tourist sites ranging from the sunny beaches of California, Florida, and Hawaii, to the natural wonders of Alaska and Skyscrapers of New York! Everything from the hotels, parks, museums, galleries, historical sites and festivals is just amazing and you should not miss the fun. Below is a list of the top USA tour hotspots that you should visit at one time or the other within your lifetime!

National Mall and Memorial Parks

Also referred to as the National Capital Parks – this is a 1000 plus acres of National Mall and Memorial parks which include the Vietnam War Veterans, Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln. Also adjacent to the malls is the Smithsonian 19 museums which are just incredible.

Florida Keys

Chain of tropical Islands that curves around the base of Florida Peninsula and that are connected to the mainland by bridges. These spectacular bridges, especially the Seven Mile Bridge, have been used to shoot famous movies like True lies and Fast 2 Furious.


One of the most active volcanoes among the five that form the island of Hawaii. At the Rim are a series of hotels which includes the famous Volcano House hotel. If you’re looking to really have fun in an exotic destination within the USA, Kilauea is the place to be.

Niagara Falls

It is one of the most spectacular and most amazing waterfalls in the world that is situated between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. It is comprised of three waterfalls; American falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil falls. Niagara Falls happens a most visited tourist attraction that’s also highly valued for its beauty and source of hydroelectric power.


First national park set aside in 1872 by US Congress so as to protect the phenomenal wildlife and the rugged beauty, hot springs, and thermal areas. It is located in the state of Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone national park has nearly half of the world’s geothermal features. Light, hot, molten mantle rises from it towards the surface.

Times Square

Being the world’s most visited site, Times Square hosts over 39 million visitors a year – and almost 300,000 people pass through there daily. Its many Cinemas, Broadway theater, and super rings make it famous and just irresistible to people and if you want to have any kind of fun like touring to the other parts of the city this is just your place.

Wondering where to get started? Just pick the USA tourist destination that most appeals to you and get going. You can make a resolve to visit a different tour destination at least once every year. The point here is that there’s a lot of beauty waiting to be explored by your adventurous eye.

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Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

Travel Benefits

Most of us rarely travel, simply because we do not have time, or because we consider it not important. Ever imagined yourself and your family or friends in a fancy place having fun? Chances are that anybody would cherish such a moment. So why don’t you give it a try – you most definitely won’t regret. Here are some of the reasons why you should travel.

a)     Do Something New

Sleeping and waking up at the same place really bores and sometimes we just need to be away from our daily routine. Traveling is the best option. Go to some place far away from where you live, and get to learn new things.

b)     Dreams Come True

Guess what? It’s now time to accomplish your dreams by visiting your dream country. You just need to make a strategy and live to it.

c)      Interact With Different People

If you like socializing why don’t you just try it with new people? It’s exciting to learn about new people and their different cultures.

d)     Prove To Yourself That You Can

IF you are the kind of a person with big dreams, traveling to a place you have been admiring for a long time will give you satisfaction and energy to go ahead with your other ambitions.

e)     Education

When you travel around the world, you learn things that you didn’t learn in school. You can borrow from other societies and benefit from how other people live or perceive life. This is probably one of the chief reasons why most universities organize student exchange programs with other institutions in very different parts of the world.

f)       Creates Meaningful Relationships

Most of us met our spouses when traveling, maybe you were lost and this person showed you the directions. Well, you never know just what kind of relationship you might spark when you meet people during your travel expeditions.

g)     It Is Easier Than You Think

Traveling around the world should not be hard and everyone should at least give it a try. All you need to do is organize trip planner to price your ideal route or as well call the consultant for free advice.

h)     Gives Perspective

Meeting folks from foreign cultures will teach you that the way you view and approach things is very different from them and this brings you to a new reality.

i)       Develop Skills

Everyone gets excited to learn new things. Travelling enables you to develop new skills like mountain climbing, crossing steep valleys, or simply helping others.

So don’t hold yourself back. Travel because it’s good for you!

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8 Timeless Travel Tips

When travelling, everything doesn’t always go as expected. Mishaps such as flat tyres, lost luggage, food poisoning and all kind of people who may want to rob you might be the scenario at hand. But you don’t have to go through that. Below is a list of priceless travel tips that can save you a lot of headache during the next trip to your preferred tour hotspot.

1.      Health First

If you have allergic infections make sure that with you have antihistamines well in advance. A medical kit with blister pads, aspirin, sunscreen, plasters and antibacterial ointment is also important. If you’re going to enjoy the trip, you need 100% of your health.

2.      Patience Pays

Patience pays’ is an important travel tip. Don’t feel compelled to sweat the stuff you can’t control, and don’t get angry all the time. So if you missed your bus, no worries. It might just be the perfect opportunity to get that unplanned road trip rolling. Sometimes when you’re traveling, freak-outs happen, and you can certainly capture the moment to try something new (exploratory) instead.

3.      Have Extra Cash

No matter where you go – cash is king. To make sure that you’ve got your ass covered in the case of an emergency, you want to stash extra cash in different places. Have it in mind that the ATM might run out of money, your wallet may get stolen, or you could just run out of cash in hand. Your socks, a toiletry bag and around the frame of your backpack are just a few of the many places where you could just stash away some of your cash.

4.      Insure Stuff

You laptop computer, or your smartphone fort that matter, could be stolen amidst the hustle bustle of travel. It’s important that you back up any important documents (e.g. identification documents) such as your passport, driver’s license, visas, birth certificate and health insurance card in both hard copy and digital format. Insure essential personal belongings, or at least back up all those important documents you have in there in an external hard drive.

5.      Take Photos

What is travel without photos? Photos are indeed a great way to document all the awesome memories associated with the trip. You’ll probably meet new people and see a lot of exciting places. Take excellent photos. Don’t worry about looking so much like a ‘tourist’. Nobody cares, and you probably aren’t traveling to look cool. Just your smartphone or some good travel camera are all you need to capture great snaps.

6.      Have an Open Mind

You’re not traveling so that you can judge other people’s lifestyles and cultures. We are all from different towns. There’s no problem listening to opinions you don’t particularly agree with. Practice empathy and try to put yourself in others’ shoes. Embrace different interests, suggestions, possibilities, and opportunities.

7.      Don’t Forget your Ear Plugs

You’re probably going to encounter a lot of barking dogs, drunk people, crying babies, honking horns, street salespeople, and perhaps dormitory sex. You want to muffle all these sounds, and ear plugs are a great way to keep the fun to yourself.

8.      Don’t Be Afraid

The world’s a dangerous place – yes according to the media. But not being afraid is a critical part of having a good trip. Of course, you want to keep an open eye for any sketchy situation, but you don’t want to let that be a focus of your trip. Most people you encounter will be generous and friendly, willing to help out if need be.

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We Invade South Florida Restaurants

There are many tourists, including us, who believe that a visit to Florida will not be complete without a visit to the famed Boca Raton. It is the southernmost city situated in Palm Beach County Florida. The city has a total area of around 29 square miles out of which water bodies make up 1.90 square miles – that means waterfront dining!

It is also a very big tourist attraction and has some of the most amazing beach resorts including the Boca Resort home to some of its own unique fine dining. However, what makes this city so very special is it famous restaurants. Those who like to taste different kinds of foods from across the world would most certainly make it a point to visit this city. There is no denying the fact that Boca Raton restaurants have earned name and fame across the world. We will have a look at a few such restaurants and what are the takeaways from each one of them.


There is no denying the fact that Fracasti is considered to be one of the most sought after restaurants in Boca Raton. It is situated between Green Street and Delgado Pl on Russian Hill, so you can walk from the nearby Chalfonte oceanfront condo development. Those who like sweets would certainly find many reasons to try out this restaurant. Their chocolate bread pudding is considered to be a wonderful item and according to many food connoisseurs it certainly is a must-have food item. Similarly the ice cream varieties that are available in this restaurant are simply mouth watering from many points of views. It also would not be out of place to mention here that for those who are looking for a quality meal, trying out their duck breast is also quite important. It has truly won the hearts and minds of thousands of food lovers. There are also a number of other food items which find favor with many tourists, both local and international. (YELP)


This is also considered to be one of the most Boca Raton restaurants and is famous for various reasons. It has a good rating by many visitors and these ratings are based on quality reviews that are genuine and factual. It is situated between Francisco Street and Bay Street. The recipes available are quite a few in numbers. However, many customers have a great liking for the Baked Potato and Blackened Ribeye amongst other food items. There are quite a few items too that are the favorite of many food lovers. These include the famed hot fudge sundae and the fact that there is no corkage fee makes it even more special. Then there is the much sought after artichoke dip which is simply delicious with the best of cheese burgers being used. For seasoned drinkers the wine on tap and dirty martini’s are also beverages that simply cannot be missed.  (YELP)

The Cheesecake Factory


This is another famed and well known restaurant in Boca Raton. It is situated between Stockton Street and Powell Street. It is often considered to be the one stop solution for various types of cheesecakes and other such related food items. It has been around for a number of years and therefore enjoys the goodwill of the locals. Many Americans who come to this on a regular basis make it a point to enjoy the special dishes offered in this restaurant. The list of cheese cakes and various other items are quite large. The pasta varieties that are offered here are simply out of the world. Whether it is pasta carbonara with Chicken, pasta da vinci, or pasta with shrimp and chicken, there is no doubt that it is simply mouth watering and too hard to resist. They also have a Sunday brunch combo which is also worth tasting and it has unique flavor and aroma.

The Rotunda

10950985393_75e87c8856_mThe Rotunda situated on Stockton Street is famous for quite a few things. The impeccable service standards that they maintain according to many are the best takeaway as far as this restaurant is concerned. The strawberry butter with flaky bread rolls are simply mouth watering and they literally melt in the mouths. Those who wish to be a bit adventurous and different could try the majestic tomato bisque which is simply out of the world. They could perhaps end the whole visit with some of the best lobster club collections, which according to many food enthusiasts is the one of the best in the world. Then there is the always in demand popovers with high quality strawberry the taste of which will always linger on the tongues. Additionally there is the wonderful combination of Salmon Filets, beets and burrata salad which apart from being sumptuous is very nutritious and filled the goodness of Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Mrs T’s Café

For the best in Korean Sandwiches there is hardly any doubt that Mrs T’s Café could be the most obvious choice. While it is famous for a variety of Korean Sandwiches, it also comes with various other wonderful and tasty food recipes. These include some great collections of cold pastas, a variety of vegetarian items, and some hot food items like teriyaki chicken and egg rolls. They have unique Asian taste and would certainly attract a number of tourists from the Asian subcontinent. However, over the years they also have become extremely popular amongst local Americans and other who visit Boca Raton from other parts of the world. It also has some of the best collection of burgers and grilled sandwiches. The garden burgers, the hamburger with cheese have to be tried out to have a better idea about the taste. The price is also quite reasonable and this could also be one more reason for getting a decent review.

While the above are a small sample, there is no doubt that there could dozens of other equally good restaurants spread across the length and breadth of Boca Raton. It would perhaps take years to try them out and write reviews on the same. Therefore at the end of the day it goes without saying that Boca Raton and quality foods and restaurants go hand in hand.

Here’s my best beach photo from the trip:







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My Love of Travel Knows No Bounds!


If you’re one of those people dreaming of a romantic getaway in Europe with your significant other, you’re in good company. The idea of winding cobblestone streets, dreamy landscapes, and beautiful architecture is the stuff dreams are made of, but they can be particularly harsh on the pocket. Because Europe is a huge continent with a lot of wonderful places to visit, picking your destination can be both a challenging and exciting task.

If you’re travelling with a significant other on a budget, it’s best to first consider what you like doing together and what kind of views you would like to see. Does he like the Scottish highlands and revel in the natural beauty of the surroundings? If she’s a culture buff, maybe she’d appreciate going around Paris more, what with its Louvre museum and a treasure trove of other cultural places. If he likes history, then there can be nothing more romantic than going to one of the cradles of civilization: Greece.

Here are just some of budget travelers’ top picks for romantic destinations in Europe.

1. Paris, France. Is there any city in the world more romantic than the City of Love? It has acquired a reputation for being an expensive city, but this is definitely not one place you’d want to skip. With delicious wine, sumptuous cuisine, the latest in fashion, and culture all around, it’s going to be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking to save some money, opt for a romantic sunset viewing experience by the Seine. Pack a picnic basket to go and you’re all set.

2. London, England. Just across the other side of the ocean from Paris is another world-class city, London. Know where to go and stay and you’d still be having a grand time even in one of Europe’s most expensive cities. There are decent hostels with good rates even for a traveling couple, plus you get to have your pick of culture thanks to state-run museums, which are free for access.

3. Bruges, Belgium. Old world charm, meet traveling couple. Just avoid the busiest summer months and you’ll find decent rates at hotels and lodgings, allowing you the freedom to explore this medieval city at your own leisure. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here before you embark on the next leg of your European adventure.

4. Madrid, Spain. It’s a hard call to pick just one city in Spain — the entire country is picturesque, and other cities like Barcelona and Granada are just as good — but the capital has got almost everything you need from this very cultural and exciting country. Think of Madrid and you think of tapas and beer and a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Soak up culture in the day and have a relaxing siesta in the late afternoon; party all night and fall in love with the night life, partying, and of course, that sultry Spanish language.

5. Athens, Greece. If you’re looking to take a trip down history and memory lane, nothing can beat the allure of Greece. Athens used to be one of Europe’s centers of civilization, and you can still see many of these tourist attractions well preserved. Plus, Athens is a good jump off point to other points of interest in Greece, not least of which is Santorini, popular for its blue domed houses nearby the sea.

In truth, almost all cities in Europe are accessible for anyone. You just need to be smart about choosing where to stay, where to go, and when to go. Here are some general tips to consider when traveling on a budget:

1. Consider the season. Peak season means more travelers jostling for rooms and lodging. This means businesses can drive up their prices. You won’t get to enjoy Europe as much when you’re counting money and struggling to see the views along with hordes of tourists.

2. Choose the right accommodation for your needs. If you’re planning to be out most of the day, you won’t really need a top of the line hotel. A decent backpackers’ hostel will do just fine. But do choose one that’s near public transport systems or near where you intend to spend most of your time.

3. Be smart about food shopping. If you’re trying to save money, you may opt for supermarket bought meals every now and then. But do visit the local food stalls and bakeries for cheaper eats than in tourist trap restaurants.

4. Plan your trips and itineraries well, and get transport passes. Save time and money by mapping and planning out where you want to go. Pre-bought train tickets can also save you a hefty amount in discounts.

5. Take advantage of anything free. Free museum admission? Walking tours? Sign up! It’s a great way to see the city for free.

A romantic getaway in Europe is entirely possible by following these tips. Be smart and plan carefully, but remember to enjoy the moment. You’ve got a beautiful continent to explore and a loved one at your side after all; cherish that.

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